May 11, 2010


So we had a great week with Michelle and Audrey! It was filled with a lot of fun activities!
We went to the zoo, toured a fire engine, went to a singing story time, went to gymnastics, went to the park/playground almost every day, ate a lot, and played a lot. The girls had a blast! I had a blast most of the time, but P was giving me a preview of what the terrible 2's might look like. But as the week went on things got better!  We had a great time!

Unfortunately I did not take many pictures... But here are some:)

Our trip to Home Depot...P wanted Audrey's steering wheel the entire time.

Baby monkey at the Zoo...Only pic I took at the Zoo.

Girls looking in at Michelle.

The girls drawing with chalk on EVERYTHING!

Girls in the yard playing:)



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