December 3, 2011

Little Elf

During Thanksgiving break we got the chance to visit Paul's dad and stepmom in NC and while we were up there we went to a wonderful little Christmas tree farm that had a neat little elf village for the kiddo's.
One of our kiddo's decided to try out being an elf! elf dog apparently...

November 23, 2011

Feast for ALL!

I was just watching a clip of the guy from Modern Family talking about how 15 MILLION children go to bed hungry every night and how Pepto-bismol and Feeding America is doing something this holiday season to change that horrifying statistic. They are donating 8 meals to the hungry every time someone goes to  and clicks LIKE!

You can watch the short clip at:

But most importantly go to: and click LIKE!

Please spread the news!

November 1, 2011


We had a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Halloween!! We went to our friends house for a potluck and trick-or-treating! It was fun fun fun! We were amazed with how fast Pey could run. We really did not know she could run so fast until last night! Pey was a little owl...which was finally decided by me the night before Halloween because our little girl could not come to a decision. She had literally come up with 75-100 different things within the last month, on average of 5 things a day. Here is a list of some:

- Witch
- Christmas tree with a scary monster mask (i still blame this one on my brother even though he swears he did not provoke her to say this)
- Bear with a red nose
- Dragon
- Cowboy
- Farmer
- Fireman
- Kangaroo
- Cow
- Pig
- Wolf
- Little red riding hood...but with a blue hood
- a blue curtain *one of the funniest she came up with
- a coat hanger
- a kitchen
- a door
- a raindrop
- herself
- UGA cheerleader
- Doctor
- Alex the monkey
- a mailbox to where you open it to put candy in *another good one

Those are just to name a few, and mind you she came up with each one on her own.
Thatcher was going to be a ghost because he likes to walk around with blankets on his head but at the last minute I picked him up a bear costume at Walmart while I was getting fabric for Peyton's owl costume.  He would not wear the head piece, but he was still cuteee! Pey would not wear her owl face much either. But then it occurred to me today that they were sunglasses and it would have been hard for her to see while running in the dark...oops!!
Enjoy the pictures!

Pumpkin Patch

Surprise, surprise...I'm a little late on posting!
Here are some pictures from a great day at Washington Farms pumpkin patch at the beginning of October!
We had a great time picking pumpkins and taking a hayride! Thatcher fell in love with a big pumpkin. He was so upset that he couldn't move it. He ended up picking a larger pumpkin than Pey!

October 30, 2011

Grocery Cart

Thought I would post a funny picture of Thatch in Pey's grocery cart. Paul takes him on rides around the house in it and he LOVES it! I will have to post the video of it later, it is ridiculous! And yes, we are those people who disobey the fine print that says not to put a child in the cart. I'm not proud of it and do not condone it. But luckily he is adult supervised and it is carefully operated by an adult. So don't worry!

October 25, 2011


I took this picture the other day (at a stop light...don't worry!) He was screaming with joy! It was so funny!! Enjoy!

October 10, 2011


So most little girls love having their hair put up in braids, pony tails, etc...except mine!
She randomly let me put her hair in braids...which lasted all of 1.5 minutes. Look how distraught she is from it...and then how happy!

 Does not like them:(

 Trying to take them out.

 Really wants to take them out

And happy again!!

October 9, 2011

Thatch-man Turned 1!!

Thatcher turned 1 this July!! (sorry so late posting!) I truly cannot believe he is already 1! But he is so so fun and always smiling and laughing and growling! He keeps me on my toes for sure and is all boy!!

We started off the day with showering him with balloons. We typically put them on the floor of the kids bedroom so when they wake up they see them all. But Thatch is such a light sleeper that we could not do it during the night and had to wait until he woke up in the morning. But he LOVED it! Loves balloons! He was so excited!! Paul made cow and piggy pancakes for breakfast, we went to the pool, which he LOVES the pool, hung out, and had a cookout! One thing we also always do is give the kids a balloon that sings "happy birthday." So Pey picked out a Mickey Mouse balloon for him and he had Mickey serenading him all day (really for a month...they last FOREVER).

I made Thatch a little blue cake, which he wanted nothing to do with. Peyton did the same when she turned one!  When everyone was singing happy birthday to him he tried to grab the candle (which he didn't, and I stopped him) but everyone gasped and scared him...soooooooooooo he decided he was done with his birthday!

We had a great day though! Here are some pictures from it!


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