November 1, 2011


We had a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Halloween!! We went to our friends house for a potluck and trick-or-treating! It was fun fun fun! We were amazed with how fast Pey could run. We really did not know she could run so fast until last night! Pey was a little owl...which was finally decided by me the night before Halloween because our little girl could not come to a decision. She had literally come up with 75-100 different things within the last month, on average of 5 things a day. Here is a list of some:

- Witch
- Christmas tree with a scary monster mask (i still blame this one on my brother even though he swears he did not provoke her to say this)
- Bear with a red nose
- Dragon
- Cowboy
- Farmer
- Fireman
- Kangaroo
- Cow
- Pig
- Wolf
- Little red riding hood...but with a blue hood
- a blue curtain *one of the funniest she came up with
- a coat hanger
- a kitchen
- a door
- a raindrop
- herself
- UGA cheerleader
- Doctor
- Alex the monkey
- a mailbox to where you open it to put candy in *another good one

Those are just to name a few, and mind you she came up with each one on her own.
Thatcher was going to be a ghost because he likes to walk around with blankets on his head but at the last minute I picked him up a bear costume at Walmart while I was getting fabric for Peyton's owl costume.  He would not wear the head piece, but he was still cuteee! Pey would not wear her owl face much either. But then it occurred to me today that they were sunglasses and it would have been hard for her to see while running in the dark...oops!!
Enjoy the pictures!



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