December 1, 2009


What a wonderful word...Thanksgiving! We are very Thankful for MANY MANY things... We are truly Blessed!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. We started out with Pre-Thanksgiving at my parents house in Kennesaw. It was a wonderful time with friends and family and my mothers wonderful sweet potato casserole! As Peyton would say "Num Num"! It is truly my FAVORITE thing for Thanksgiving. Then for actual Thanksgiving we headed up to Cashiers, NC to spend Thanksgiving with Paul's Dad and Stepmom. We had a wonderful time just hanging out! Deborah made an AMAZING Thanksgiving meal and we all enjoyed it! Peyton however was a little squirrely so after a couple of bites, she went down for a nap. She was...let's say...having issues. Who knows what got into her. Could have been the car ride. Could have been that she was a little sickly but she was giving me a run for my money! We did however have a wonderful time and visit with them!! The only thing that I would have changed was our choice of car. We brought the Accord... which would have been a great choice at any other time of year, but this was the end of November. One thing that North Carolina offers, is great Christmas trees. Christmas tree farms where you can go and pick yours out, cut it down, and bring it home. I really wanted one but as we did the math...5ft roof...9ft tree = Miserable car ride home. However, we went to take a look anyway. We went to Tom Sawyer's Tree Farm, which Tom and his family were friends of George and Deborah.  They had a wonderful Elf village for children where they could dress up as elves and wonder around to each little house and do little activities. We peeked in one and there was an Elf having story time. So Paul, George, Peyton and I joined story time. It was actually very fun! I felt a little big sitting inside a small house in child size chairs, but Peyton enjoyed it. :) We had a good time and learned a lesson for next time...Bring the 4-runner!
However, as luck would have it...on the way home, about 20 minutes outside of Athens, we saw signs for a tree farm. So on Saturday we piled in the 4-runner and followed the signs to 7 G's Farm. It is a wonderful tree farm that grows Leyland Cypress trees. It was great! It was a little overwhelming though with so many PERFECT trees to choose from. However, after about an hour we found our tree, had the man come chop it down, brought it home, and on Sunday decorated it. It is a little over 10ft...BIG...But perfect! See pictures below:)

Tom Sawyer's Tree Farm with George

Pey running at Tom Sawyer's

7 G's Tree Farm


Our Christmas Tree:)



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