November 2, 2009


What can I say...I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! We had the best Halloween this year.  Peyton was a Fairy Princess...ALL DAY!  She wore here little costume from the moment she got out of her Jammie's in the morning to the moment she had to get back in them for bed. She loved it!

We joined our friends, the Harwell's for Trick-or-Treating, and they had a little fairy as well.  Their three year old little girl, Molly, was Tinkerbell. The girls had a blast being toted around in their little red wagon and going door to door.  Molly would say "Happy Halloween" and I taught Peyton to say "BOO"....but it sounded more like "Baah"...

We had a great day and the only down side is that I now have glitter ALL OVER THE ENTIRE HOUSE from Peyton's costume. But besides that, it was great!

She knows where Daddy keeps his candy!

Her daily regimen of playing the organ.

Please notice the second pumpkin's eyebrows...they are a little singed!

Cruisin' in the wagon!

Could they look any more alike?
Happy Halloweeneee:)



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