December 10, 2009

Busy Bee

My have we had a busy, but very exciting, week!!
We kicked off last weekend with my parents coming in town!! It was my Daddy's Birthday and we had a blast!! We grilled out, had cake, and played with a NEW HELICOPTER...All the men in my family love flying objects...especially if they have a remote control! Which definitely includes a friendly competition where they have created some sort of obstacle in which they have to accomplish it without hitting objects, walls, etc, or getting caught in air currents, in addition to beating each others time. It is in fact, a site to see! They have used blimps in the past...large, slow, and hard to maneuver. This time, a helicopter. Which by the way is not fun to untangle from your hair if in fact someone looses control of the helicopter and it drops on your head while the numerous blades are still spinning...But this pilot will remain nameless because it was his birthday. :) (sorry, no pics of the helicopter)
In addition to my parents being in town, Peyton had a big Sunday! She was dedicated to the church. It was a fast, but a very meaningful event!! (pictures below)

And today, Mimi came in town!! Mimi is Peyton's favorite babysitter. She had watched Peyton at least once a week since Peyton was 8 weeks old until we moved to Athens. She truly has become part of our family and is like another grandmother to Peyton! We LOVE our Mimi!! Mimi also brought Peyton a couple Christmas presents!:) She received a wonderful talking tea set and teddy bear that sings "Jesus Loves Me," and from Mr. Bob (Mimi's husband) a CALCULATOR!!  Peyton LOVES Mr. Bob!!  She would go sit with Mr. Bob in his office an play on his calculator and make VERY LONG receipts. And so, from Mr. Bob..a Calculator!! :)

Here are pictures from our week!
More to come...Busy Bee's in December!!

Dad blowing out his candle!
(I had NO clue where all my candles he got 1)

Peyton being dedicated
(she was trying to take off my name tag...she succeeded a couple seconds later)


Mimi and Peyton:)

Mimi and Peyton having a tea party with her new tea set!

Peyton's CALCULATOR!! (Thank You Mr. Bob!!)



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