January 12, 2010

Christmas..."Better late than never"

I know I am a littttttttttttttttttttle behind...but I wanted to share a little bit of our Christmas...As my parents always say..."Better late than never."

We had a wonderful but very busy Christmas! And I believe Peyton now has more toys than Toys R' Us now! She received so many wonderful gifts!! We (or shall I say Peyton) decided to stagger Christmas a bit. She saw all of the gifts under the tree and started unwrapping them prior to Christmas...so we decided to let her open 1 gift a day. And in the process...she accidently opened one of Daddy's too...Which actually worked out to her advantage because it was a gift from Peyton to Daddy...It was "The Tickle Monster"! Which she loved! It is a cute book that comes with blue mittens. So Daddy turns into the Tickle Monster! But Peyton enjoyed wearing them too!( Pictures below)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! More to come very soon!!

P with Daddy's Tickle Monster Gloves on...They have holes for the fingers for better tickling and so you can turn the pages in the book!! soooooooo smart!!

P's tent with tunnel!

P and Daddy looking down Tunnel

Daddy surprised P with her very own Pink Piano!!
I had no clue he had purchased it for her...So it was a surprise to me too!

She was very excited!

Paul's Dad brought P this amazing bike that used to be Paul's Grandfathers when he was little...we have a picture of him on it when he was around 1year old...so it is very neat to see P on it. It is VERY OLD! but still works great!

She really loves it...She rides it every day! It is completly made out of wood! Very very neat and special!

P was trying on my Chrismas gift from Paul...a beautiful necklace!
She loved it!

Pey got new PJ's from Mrs. Walden!!
So darn cute!

She looooooooooves this Little People Barn!

And she got this wonderful rocking horse...it is soooooooo cute!!

P rockin!!:)

Our little elf!



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