September 29, 2010

Out Comes the Closet

So my house has always been a pretty organized place. I at least know where everything is supposed to be. Especially in closets. In the past two houses we have lived in I have been very blessed with great storage, ie. closets. However, in the house we are currently in, it is anything but.  So I had to get creative. Peyton's closet is the most creative. It houses my shoes, dresses, pey's clothes, and a great deal of randomness. Basically I can barely close the door.
So two weeks ago, Pey decides she is going to explore her closet. GREAT!! Luckily she only got into things that were hers. Her Birthday hat, never worn on her Birthday because I always seem to forget to take it out of the closet. A calculator from Mr. Bob. She loves playing with it but has become a little crazy with the spool of paper on the back. Puzzles, drums, beach balls, and more.
Here are pictures of her exploration.

 Mr. Bob...She needs your help!



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