August 31, 2010


So one of Peyton's favorite things are M&M's. We have a mason jar filled with M&M's in Paul's studio and Peyton always goes in there, grabs the jar of M&M's and takes it to one of us holding up her little finger showing "1" and says "please".  Once we said "yes", she reaches in and only grabs a blue one...thus being her favorite color.

So the other night I was tucking her into bed and we were saying our prayers and the question I always ask her is "who do you want to thank God for?" And after going through her long list of family and friends and me always asking "who else" I switched it up and said "what else?...What do you thank God for?" and she said M&M's :) It made me smile. Realizing that we should be thankful for even the littlest things in life. So here's to M&M's and my little girl who made me realize that every little thing is a Blessing!



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