August 14, 2010

Camera Problems

I finally found the camera! However, I made the mistake of letting my sweet and charming daughter play with it...and well, something got in the lens and the camera kept saying "lens error." Which in Canon terms means that it is broken. So after calling Canon they told me that I would have to send it in for repair...which equals $130. Which I refused to pay. So they told me I could send it back and purchase a refurbished one. Which equals $120. In which I politely declined. It was a simple problem, something was trapped in the lens which was causing it not to close properly. And I was not about to pay all that money for someone to spend 5 minutes and have the problem fixed. So at that point, with nothing to lose, I decided I would take a screwdriver to it and fix it myself. However, growing up with my father I have learned a few tricks. So before I threatened it with the screwdriver I decided to give the camera CPR and within seconds the lens closed! TAKE THAT CANON! I WON!!

So I apologize for the delay of pictures. Our camera is working just fine now! So here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks!

P at the hospital excited to see Thatcher!
Thatcher has his own Lambie...but it is a Raccoon named Ricky!
And he seems to be quite fond of it:)
P holding Thatcher!

Little Thatcher awake! (a very rare occurrence)
Right before he fell back asleep!

More to come!!
PS. I know my comments link does not work...not quite sure on how to fix that...Sorry.



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