April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt's

The past week has been filled with a lot of Easter fun! On Saturday our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt, Peyton's FIRST one EVER!! And we were so blessed to have my parents in town to join in on the fun. Peyton was a little timid about the whole thing. She picked up one egg and said "All done"... and her competitive Mommy said "no, we've got to get some more!!" (as I saw all the other kids racing at the eggs). So Peyton picked up two more and by the time we put the third one in the basket, the eggs were gone. ALL OF THEM! Those kids are FAST!

Then on Wednesday, one of our friend's mother was putting on an Easter Egg Hunt at their church. So we went. This time Peyton was totally into it! She was grabbing things left and right. She filled up her entire Easter basket.  Her basket was so full she could hardly carry it and when the candy kept dropping out poor thing started crying because she was loosing some. It was really cute. But we have SO MUCH CANDY now!

And on another note...I wanted to show off the BEAUTIFUL Easter Basket my mom made last year for Peyton. My brother and I had ones just like it growing up (just different colors).  I love it! It is even lined with pretty pink gingham fabric on the inside!  It is truly too nice for Peyton to use for her Easter Egg Hunt's, so we had a "fill-in" basket for those!

Hope you have a greaaaaaaaaaaat Easter!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Lisee and Opa with Peyton!

Church Easter Egg Hunt
Peyton was making sure it was a good kind!

So here is her basket, not completely full...but close!

Poor thing, upset her candy kept falling out!

Pey's Beautiful Easter Basket



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