July 7, 2011

Peyton's 3rd Birthday

I cannot believe my little girl just turned 3. Time really and truly does fly by quicker than you realize. She looks like a little girl now. It is so sad. She was just a baby. However, she is a FUN little girl!!

We celebrated her 3rd with a party at Chuck E Cheeses! Peyton had the pleasure of going to one of her best friends birthday parties there back in March and I am pretty sure she pretended she was at Chuck E Cheeses every day since. However, it never occurred to her that she could in fact have her Birthday party there too. It was always in her mind as Caleb's Birthday. So it was really fun to tell her about a week before her party that she would be having her Birthday at Chuck E Cheese too!

We were joined with a ton of friends and family and Peyton really had a blast! And for once I remembered to put her Birthday hat on...which she has had since she turned one...I just always forgot about it:)

She had the bluest cupcakes too. If you weren't aware, Peyton's favorite color is blue, and has always been blue. So I did my best to make her some electric blue cupcakes; with white icing I might add, so we didn't have to worry about stains:)

She had a blast!! Enjoy the pic's!

P on one of her favorite rides

I am pretty sure she sat on this ride for at least 10 turns.

Waiting for her olive pizza.
Yes that's right. Olive pizza is her favorite! We order it everywhere!

The gang!

Eating her very blue cupcake:)

Thatcher LOVED watching Chuck-E!
(sorry, don't know how to rotate in Blogger)

Thatch Loved the rides too!

We always cover her room with balloons on her Birthday before she wakes up in the morning. It is a fun surprise. She came in our room saying "mom, there are balloons on the floor. Why are there balloons on the floor?" It was fun! Here she is that evening playing in her balloons. And seriously there were around 40 balloons!

Thatch in the balloons!

One of his favorite things to do is play with a balloon.

(please turn your computer to the left so you can really appreciate his face)

His other favorite thing, is to play on a bed! Especially Peyton's!

 Just so you could really see the blue cupcake!
With sprinkles!



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