October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we visited Washington Farms again to pick pumpkins and this time we brought my parents!! We had a greaaaaaaaaaaaaat time!  I asked Peyton many times throughout the week about what size pumpkin she was going to pick out and she continuously said "baby pumpkins." So thinking that she might change her mind when we got there I asked her again. And sure enough she still wanted baby pumpkins. And it turns out that she was very particular about the pumpkins she chose. She decided she wanted four baby pumpkins and then we asked her to pick out a medium pumpkin for Mommy and Daddy.
After the pumpkins my parents took her to do the fun activities that they offer for kids.
It is amazing and a little sad looking back at last years photos (Pumpkin Patch 2009) and realizing how fast she has grown.
Here are some pictures from the day!

PS. Paul is squatting...I'm not that big...and he is not that short!

Peyton and Opa picking baby pumpkins

She would not let anyone help her carry them.

Lisee, Opa, and Peyton:)

The medium pumpkin

At the petting zoo

The cow ride.

Pey in the corn box.



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