June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

Well I cannot believe it, but my baby just turned 2 this week. I cannot believe how big she is. She truly is a little girl now. I absolutely love every minute I spend with her...Even the bad minutes I grow to love. I am very Blessed and Grateful to have her as my little girl.
Well we celebrated her second birthday in style. We threw P an Elmo Birthday Party!! It was her BIG day and we did everything possible to make it special for her. We blew up 40 red and blue balloons and had them covering her bedroom floor so when she woke up she started the day off with a huge smile! She kinda started the day off a little earlier than usual....6:39 to be exact. Yes, to some that is not that early, but for me who loooooooooves to sleep, it's early. Peyton will usually sleep until around 8:30 which means I usually sleep until 8:30...or really if Paul is awake...I sleep until 9:):) But regardless, she loved the balloons! She could not get enough of these balloons. She made Paul and I walk around the house, each carrying two blue balloons (her favorite color). And we were not allowed to sit down, because sitting down would mean we were not playing. So we played with balloons. In addition to the red and blue balloons, Peyton got a HUGE Elmo balloon that sung "Happy Birthday" when you tapped it. She had been asking me for it for the past month every time we went to the grocery store, and I promised it to her for her Birthday. SHE LOVED IT!!
After we hung out around the house for a while we headed out for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. She loves the little munchkins that she gets at church on Sunday mornings, so we treated her to munchkins. Home run again! She loved them!
After breakfast we headed to Sandy Creek Park here in Athens. It is an amazing park that has a lake and beach as well as numerous playgrounds. So we played at the beach, in the water, and on the playground. We unfortunately did not plan on playing on the playground, so P and Daddy are in their bathing suits:)
After a fun time at the park we headed home for lunch and a nap followed by my Mom and Brother coming up to celebrate the rest of the day with P. She woke up to them being there and watched a little World Cup with Uncle Colin and Lisee. Then we had an Elmo cake (my first real try at decorating a cake...It was a success), opened presents, and played with all the new toys.
All in all, Peyton had a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat day!! My little "big girl"!!

 First image of P waking up
P at Breakfast.
P and Daddy at the beach.
P in the water.
(Don't worry...she is not drinking...I always give her plastic cups to play with in the water)
P at the playground.
Watching the World Cup with Uncle Colin and Lisee.

P in her balloons again.
Elmo Cake:)
She blew the candle out!! Yaaaaaaaaaay Pey!!
P and her new little grocery cart!
(don't judge: she wouldn't put on her birthday dress. But I think the happy face shirt suited the day perfectly!)
P and new book
P and her new kitchen

Happy Birthday Peyton!



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