February 13, 2010


This was Peyton's FIRST experience with snow!! And she LOVED it! We went out yesterday evening while it was snowing, and at first she was a little timid. But soon enough she warmed up to it and absolutely loved it. We went out for almost 2 hours this morning and even took a wagon ride around the neighborhood. Don't worry...she was properly dressed for our 2 hour outing in:
-2 pairs of pants
-1 thermal shirt
-1 fleece pullover
-1 pair of socks
-1 heavy jacket
- mittens
- hat
- shoes
- and don't forget the bow!!

I would not have thought she could move with all the layers...but she could...but not when she fell down:)

Here are some pictures of our outtings!

Me and P
Daddy made a snowman for P:)

P getting used to snow

A little later in the evening. And we couldn't forget Lambie!


She loves sweeping...and found a good opportunity

P and Daddy this morning!

Getting snowballs ready!

Having a snowball fight with Daddy!

She got him!

Getting ready again!

One very large snowball!

Sooooo I didn't know she was getting this one ready for me!

She got the camera pretty good!

Daddy made a sled for P:)

But went a little too fast around the curves! haha! She thought it was funny!!

P in her wagon!

Our snowy house.

We all had a greaaaaaaaaat time!!



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