October 15, 2009


Well, after many weeks of pondering about this, I have decided to start a blog. Mainly so my much loved family and friends can get a small snapshot into our lives...or shall I say Peyton's life.

You may be wondering why "Losing Buttons"? Well I can explain... I'm sure many of you have a pile of buttons, like I do, from clothes that were given as the 'just in case' buttons. If one fell off you had an extra to sew back on. Well luckily I have never had to do that. Thus leaving me a pile of buttons. Well I have always kept them in this old chapstick tin that I have had in my closet since high school. Well when we moved last month my closet downsized and this left me to find a new home for my buttons. The logical person would have placed them in the box beside her sewing machine. Well, I just never got around to that. So I placed them in my lower bathroom drawer. A drawer where my beautiful and curious daughter would one day find and fall in love with the colorful tin of buttons. She loves to shake the tin and hear all the buttons clink and clank against the sides and she especially LOVES taking the buttons out. She plays with the buttons like she is playing in a sand box. She runs them through her hands dropping one by one, tosses them behind her like she is a kitten tossing kitty litter, she was even making snow angels in them earlier today and not to mention that she takes handfuls across the room and places them in her play stroller and then strolls them around the house. SHE LOVES THOSE BUTTONS! (pictures below)

I kind of cringe every time I see her with the buttons because they go everywhere. So I counted my buttons earlier today just because I was curious....66. 66 buttons in my tin.

Well as Peyton continued to play with them I looked at her...(which might I add I ALWAYS SUPERVISE her when she is playing with the buttons, and she NEVER puts anything in her mouth) well she had two in her mouth. She spit them out in my hand, and just to be on the safe side, I recounted.......64. 64!

Well they could have been lost in the 3 minutes she was running around the living room with them, making snow angels, etc. Or she could have swallowed 2. But I had my wonderful husband check her diapers last night since I was out...and NO buttons.

...down to 64.

(Mom: don't worry...She is grounded from playing with the buttons...for a little while, at least)


Scott and Katie October 17, 2009  

So glad you have joined the blogging world. I love the title! Peyton is so cute! Hopefully she just lost those buttons instead of ate them.

KR October 17, 2009  

Haven't found any yet...I think I might of miscounted. I was counting by two's and trying to watch her...so it is likely that I made a mistake. Still keeping my fingers crossed that I did!


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